Babies Don’t Keep

As many of you know, we welcomed our second son, Desmond, into the world on April 9th (birth story coming soon, I promise!).  I’m sure that any of you with more than one child can relate to the fact that there hasn’t been much “me” time lately.  So when it came time to write my post for this month’s carnival, it was hard for me to come up with a post about ways that I take time for myself.  Then, one of my fellow mommy friends shared the above poem on Facebook.  And it got me thinking…. it’s ok that I’m not taking a lot of time for myself right now.  There’s really not much I want to do other than cuddle my new baby, and that’s ok.
My sink may have dishes in it from yesterday, my laundry may be piled as high as the washing machine, and I honestly cannot remember the last time I took a shower by myself, but you know what?  My tiny little Desmond slept peacefully on my chest for a solid three hours this afternoon; and Charlie and I spent a crazy amount of time building a block house for a spider this evening after dinner.  And THOSE are the things that I did for myself today – I made memories with my littles.
One day too soon, my children will be grown and I’ll be caught up on chores and will be able to soak in the bathtub with a glass of wine all evening if I choose.  But for now, you’ll find me squished between my babies in our family bed, enjoying every cuddly moment that I can get.
So cuddle your babies, mamas.  Make memories with your older ones.  Know that it’s ok to genuinely enjoy being with your children and not wish that you were alone.

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