I’ve had several people ask about our Floating “Book”shelves both in person and after my recent book post, so I figured I’d put up a little tutorial for those of you wanting to add these unique little shelves to your decor.  They’re a wonderful way to fill up an empty wall and make an eye-catching statement by showing off your great book collection!

I have also been wanting to add some more DIY tutorials to the blog, so I’m calling this “Tutorial Tuesday” in the hopes that I’ll be motivated to add one each week! Ha… we’ll see….. it’s a good idea in theory, right?

They’re really simple to make, so, without further ado, here’s how I did it!
Step 1:
Find yourself a great old hardcover book that you don’t mind sacrificing.  *Don’t worry – I didn’t sacrifice Lord of the Rings… this one was just for photography purposes.*  You’ll also need an “L” bracket with accompanying screws.  Note: If you plan on putting anything heavy on these shelves, you may want to use two brackets-one on each end.  Since we only put a few books on each, one sufficed.
Step 2: 
Center the bracket across the page side of your book and mark the hole spots.  Drill holes into the book, but do not attach the bracket yet.
Step 3:
Hold the book up to the wall where you want it to hang.  Attach the bracket to the wall.
Step 4:
Attach the book to the bracket.  This is easiest if you have another person putting a good bit of pressure on top of the book, otherwise the screws will just make the pages bubble up on the inside.
Now add some more awesome books to your “book”shelf….. and stand back and admire.  
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